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November 2023

Giving Thanks and Wellbeing

Personal Thanksgiving Caters Community Feasts 

You must present this offering, plus the leavened flatbread, with the communal thanksgiving sacrifice of well-being.  – Leviticus 7:13

Dear Gatherers,

This time of year always finds me thinking about thankfulness and why our sacred texts insist we remain grateful in all things. Nearly always in scripture, instruction to offer thanks is explicitly tied to blessing the wider community. Leviticus literally ties personal thanksgiving to community feasts, a mindset that prevails in Early Christian practices. If we’re doing this gratitude thing correctly, what happens at our table won’t stay at the table. Sacrifices of thankfulness make the world better! I’ve put a few thoughts about how this works in a brief video. Click below to for a look.

Into the Deep

Jesus said to Simon, “Put out in the deep water…”  – Luke 5:4

This Sunday our own D’Angelo Smith takes us into the deep with a wild and wonderful fishing story. And, no, this is not about the one who got away. On the contrary, it’s about exceeding beyond our wildest imagination. But it doesn’t happen without taking some risks. Make sure you’re at our first gathering in November. It will inspire you. (And bring a bunch of friends who could probably use some inspiration too!)

POTLUCK THEME: Tailgate. Since the Bears are playing the Saints on Sunday, feels like the right time for Gather saints to show up with some tailgate fare!