Making a Material Difference in the World

By May 23, 2023May 30th, 2023Weekly Update

Jesus touched their eyes and said, “It will happen for you just as you have believed.” Their eyes were opened. – Matthew 9:29-30


Dear Gatherers,


This Sunday marks four years of great joy and effort to forge an innovative faith community. We have much to be grateful and proud about. We started with nothing. No sponsoring denomination, no “seed money” sources, no people, no place. Most new church plants fold in their first two years. Yet here we are. Many churches, regardless of age, are struggling to rebound from the pandemic. We never stopped growing. For all the above, we say thanks be to God! And thanks to you!


It’s a lot of work, and there’s more to do. For Gather to come fully into its own, its basic needs must be met while new capabilities get added. We’ve always walked and talked as if our needs were met and, true to the promise, they have been. Now that we’re older and bigger, we’re getting bolder. More responsibility for what’s next. And while we pursue unconventional ministry and ecstatically inclusive community life, a settled space is necessary for this work. Equipment and greater support will enable us to connect with neighboring social justice and care communities to make a material difference in the world.


Perhaps one of Gather’s biggest weaknesses is that we make it look easier than it is. This will become more evident as we move ahead. When we’re in a secure space, monthly costs will increase significantly. We’ll be asking more time from more folks. Between now and Sunday—when we come together on YouTube to celebrate four years of building something new together—let’s commit a monthly pledge or tithe that will enable this work to last. The size of the gift is not the concern; dependable and regular giving is what we need right now.


God bless you all. We’re such old souls. Sometimes we forget we’re a young family. Our prophetic gifts alert us to where God’s leading; our practical insights remind us it will take some reliable time and money commitments to get there!


Peace, with much love—and Happy Anniversary!

Pastor Tim